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You may be here because:

You’ve been seeking a real resolution or breakthrough in your spiritual search and haven’t found one
You suffer from clinical or self diagnosed depression and would like to try a radical, natural cure
You battle ongoing feelings of guilt, unworthiness, unlove or loneliness
You have emotional wounds and would like to meet them and heal them
You’re caught in indecision, paralysis or fear of change
You’re stressed, anxious, worried and caught in patterns of over thinking and mental self-talk
 You want a more meaningful  life- but have no idea how to achieve it
You’re new to spirituality but don’t know where  to begin
You’ve heard the term “spiritual awakening” and would like to experience it for yourself
You’re familiar with awakening work and the benefits of private sessions with teachers



You’ve come to the right place.  Here’s why:

Because awakening can meet fear, unhappiness, unfulfillment, frustration or weariness & heal it
Because awakening work can meet guilt, unworthiness, unlove or loneliness & heal it
Because awakening can meet stress, over-thinking or chronic mental patterns & heal it
Because awakening can meet unlove, emotional wounds, or old-old patterns of  abuse & heal it
Because awakening can meet clinical or existential depression & heal it
Because J. Stewart Dixon has a method & approach that guarantees you a change, breakthrough or resolution
Because  in one office visit or skype session you can experience the mindful awakened state
Because with time & commitment J. Stewart can take you to the mysterious jumping off point of the awakened state

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It’s free – Let’s get to know one another first & then get you on the road to wholeness, healing & happiness

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