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Free Consultations:

Call (434) 535-6592 to schedule a free consultation.  Consultations are via phone or skype and generally last 15 to 20 minutes. I’ll happily answer any questions you may have and together we can take a closer look at what it is you are seeking or longing for.  We can then schedule an office appointment and begin the nitty gritty paradoxical work of untangling the YOU from the you.



Office appointments are one hour in duration located in downtown Charlottesville at the Shala center.   I suggest arriving 30 minutes early so that you have time to park and settle in.  There’s a small waiting area where you can read, sit in silence or meditate before our appointment.  No special attire is required.


The process you’ll experience:

Through self-inquiry exercises, non-doing relaxation methods, visualization techniques, eye contact, energetic resonance & deep heart listening we’ll facilitate glimpses of the awakened state & ultimately your own awakening.


3 Appointments: A big breakthrough or glimpse

The number of sessions and length of time it takes for you to see and experience transformational results varies of course from person to person.  Generally I can facilitate a glimpse, breakthrough or change of some sort within three appointments.



8 Appointments & The 8-Step Online Course:  The well-being, heart, happiness & peace you’re longing for.

Most people long for more than a temporary experience.  The trick is getting you beyond these temporary experiences into a permanent radical abiding realization.  To facilitate this I have an 8-Step online video course.  Over a 2 to 4 month period take the course and combine it with 8 office appointments.  The combination of these two methods will take you to the mysterious paradoxical edge of awakening.  Accept the invitation from this edge and you will fall into the well-being, heart, happiness & peace you’ve been longing for.
True Awakening is an accident. You can’t control, manipulate or schedule it.  But you can become … accident prone.



First three appointments- Sliding scale: $75 to $125  per hour long session.  Pay what you deem appropriate for your level of income.


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Request a consultation

It’s free – Let’s get to know one another first & then get you on the road to wholeness, healing & happiness

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