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Non-doing Resonance:

Below is teaching example  from my national online course Blue Collar Enlightenment.  The woman on the right is Fiona Robertson,  the co-teacher during this particular course.  I/we  don’t do a lot of talking in this example.  Here, I am more concerned with deep heart listening, eye-contact and energetic resonance as a means of facilitating awakening .  And yes, mysteriously, this process works online (via webinar or skype video conferencing) as well as in person.

Direct teaching wisdom:

Below is an example of some direct teaching wisdom and practical advice.  As a teacher and facilitator of awakening I’m concerned with both your inner and outer life.  There’s no separating the two.  So, I will often give advice on how best to streamline awakening work so that it’s comprehensible, practical, effective, and efficient.  Awakening shouldn’t take a decade.  You should see results quickly.

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Direct exercises:

Below is an example of a direct visualization exercise.  I use a variety of visualization, relaxation, self-inquiry and mindfulness exercises to facilitate awakening.  I use these both in person and through online course videos.  Sometimes during an appointment I will  spontaneously create a direct exercise tailored to your particular needs or situation.

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