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The ARC 8 Week Course:

Stress Reduction Through Mindfulness

ARC 8 Week Course generic 200

Course Length: 8 Weeks (2 hours per week, 1/2 Day retreat)

Course Hours:   2 Hours per week
Instructor:              J. Stewart Dixon, founder

Course Description:           The 2 month (8 week) ARC Introduction program is an opportunity for you to experience the long-term benefits and results of mindfulness, self-inquiry, meditation and stress reduction.  In this program we dive into and experience various formal and non-formal exercises and techniques including mindful bodayscan, breathing, walking and communication.
Course experience required:       None. No experiential or theoretical background required.

Costs:  $395 Earlybird / $445 Two Weeks Prior

8 Week Course Syllabus

Course  Materials:

  • 1 ARC Workbook per program participant.  ( 100 page spiral bound syllabus and resource book)
  • ARC downloadable audio video exercises
  • 20 Hours of Guided Instruction
  • 1/2 Day Rura Silent Retreat

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Registration for ARC Program

ARC is open 9-5, M-F. EST
ARC Phone: (434) 485 0492
ARC email:   [email protected]