ARC 4 Month Program

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The ARC 4 Month Program:

Continuing Practice:  Facilitating the Details of Mindfulness, Self-Inquiry, Meditation and Stress Reduction

Program Length: 4 Months (16 Hours Instruction, 2 Hours of Assessment)
Program Hours:   4 Hours month  (Choose any two hour block M-F, 9-5)
Instructor:              J. Stewart Dixon
Assessment:          Cheryl Metz, RN

Program Description:           The 4 month ARC Facilitation program builds on and carries forward the momentum of the ARC Introduction program.  The ARC Facilitation program is for companies who are called to genuinely reap the rich and powerful long-term benefits of mindfulness, self-inquiry, meditation and stress reduction for its employees and staff.  In this program ARC assistance, guidance and teaching is focused on both the group and individuals.  This program allows for ARC to facilitate and foster the deepest possible levels of change  for both the company and each employee in the program.

Course experience required:       ARC 8 Week  Introduction Program required.

Costs:  $397.00 / per Person

Program Overview:

  • Group and individual practice of mindfulness, self-inquiry meditation and self-awareness
  • Continued practice of closed eyed and open-eyed meditation
  • Continued practice of mindful breathing, walking, and  journaling
  • Deepening into the understanding of mind, ego, and identity
  • Individual advice, counseling and consultation  (Exact amount of time dependent upon number of participants in program)
  • Partnered and group exercises
  • Applied practical exercises for using mindfulness, self-inquiry, meditation and stress reduction on the job, in meetings, with other employees, and with clients and customers
  • Suggested homework and regular practices

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Program  Benefits:
  • Increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stress
  • Increased emotional intelligence, tolerance and flexibility
  • Increased communication, cooperation and flexibility
  • Improved mental clarity, focus and determination
  • Increased ability to relax and be in the moment
  • Increased leadership and decision-making capabilities
  • Release of negative or unhelpful attachments, behaviors and patterns
  • Greater self-esteem, energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improved emotional regulation and management of negative emotion
  • Increased self-awareness and intelligence
  • Clarity and awareness of thought patterns and mind
Program  Materials: 
  • 1  ARC Workbook per program participant. ( The ARC workbook includes theoretical, academic, and informational materials; guided mindfulness, meditation, and self-inquiry exercise materials; Open pages for notes and written exercises; Post-program questionaire; List of further resources, websites, written materials and books)
  • Written assessment and analysis of staff/group/team reception, understanding and overall progress or changes made. This is a neutral and non-judgemental assessment of the overall course experience based on an assessment from ARC and on assessments from the post-program questionaire.
  • Optional: Recorded audio-video file of each class. ARC is happy to record all program classes with company and/or all participant agreement.
  • Advice and listed assessment of ongoing practical exercises, routines, changes, and support that company can provide for its employees.
  • Advice for ongoing work and support that ARC can provide for company and employees.

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ARC is open 9-5, M-F. EST
ARC Phone: (434) 485 0492
ARC email:   [email protected]


Successful Companies use Mindfulness

Amazon, Target,  Sun Life Financial,  Apple,  Google,  Hearst Publications,  eBay,  General Mills , Twitter,  Ford Motor Company,  Genentech,  Facebook,  Kaiser Permanente,  Compusense,  Plantronics, AstraZeneca,  Comcast,  Deutsche Bank,  Heinz, Hughes,  McKinsey,  Nortel Networks,  Proctor & Gamble,  Raytheon,  Texas Instruments,  Unilever and Yahoo.