ARC 8 Week Program

Mindfulness Charlottesville Virginia

The ARC 8 Week Program:

Most Common Program: Introduction to Mindfulness, Self-Inquiry, Meditation and Stress Reduction  

ARC POwerpoint Intro 150

Program Length: 8 Weeks (16 Hours of Instruction, 3 Hours of Assessment)

Program Hours:   2 Hours per week (Choose any two hour block M-F, 9-5)
Instructor:              J. Stewart Dixon, founder
Assessment:           Cheryl Metz, RN

Program Description:           The 2 month (8 week) ARC Introduction program is an opportunity for your company to experience the long-term benefits and results of mindfulness, self-inquiry, meditation and stress reduction.  In this program we dive into and experience various formal and non-formal exercises and techniques including mindful meditation, breathing, walking and journaling.
Course experience required:       None. No experiential or theoretical background required.

Costs:  $497.00 / per Person

Program Overview:

  • Introduction to the academics and science of mindfulness, self-inquiry, meditation and stress reduction
  • Introduction and practice of mindfulness, self-inquiry and self-awareness
  • Introduction and practice of closed eyed and open-eyed meditation
  • Introduction and practice of mindful breathing, walking, and  journaling
  • Introduction to mind, ego, and identity
  • Partnered and group exercises
  • Applied practical exercises for using mindfulness, self-inquiry, meditation and stress reduction on the job, in meetings, with other employees, and with clients and customers
  • Suggested homework and regular practices

Assessment Overview:

  • 1 Hour pre-program assessment, dialogue and information gathering meeting
  • 1 Hour mid-program assessment, dialogue and information gathering meeting
  • 1 Hour post-program assessment, dialogue and information gathering meeting
  • Assessments help ARC customize  the program to your staff
  • Assessments help ARC evaluate the effectiveness and strengthen the quality of the program

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Charlottesville, VA

Program  Benefits:
  • Increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stress
  • Increased emotional intelligence, tolerance and flexibility
  • Increased communication, cooperation and flexibility
  • Improved mental clarity, focus and determination
  • Increased ability to relax and be in the moment
  • Increased leadership and decision-making capabilities
  • Release of negative or unhelpful attachments, behaviors and patterns
  • Greater self-esteem, energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improved emotional regulation and management of negative emotion
  • Increased self-awareness and intelligence
  • Clarity and awareness of thought patterns and mind
Program  Materials:
  • 1 ARC Workbook per program participant.  ( The ARC workbook includes theoretical, academic, and informational materials; guided mindfulness, meditation, and self-inquiry exercise materials; Open pages for notes and written exercises; Post-program questionaire; List of further resources, websites, written materials and books
  • Written assessment and analysis of staff/group/team reception, understanding and overall progress or changes made. This is a neutral and non-judgemental assessment of the overall course experience based on an assessment from ARC and on assessments from the post-program questionaire.
  • Optional: Recorded audio-video file of each class. ARC is happy to record all program classes with company and/or all participant agreement.
  • Advice and listed assessment of ongoing practical exercises, routines, changes, and support that company can provide for its employees.
  • Advice for ongoing work and support that ARC can provide for company and employees.
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Successful Companies use Mindfulness

Amazon, Target,  Sun Life Financial,  Apple,  Google,  Hearst Publications,  eBay,  General Mills , Twitter,  Ford Motor Company,  Genentech,  Facebook,  Kaiser Permanente,  Compusense,  Plantronics, AstraZeneca,  Comcast,  Deutsche Bank,  Heinz, Hughes,  McKinsey,  Nortel Networks,  Proctor & Gamble,  Raytheon,  Texas Instruments,  Unilever and Yahoo.