Welcome to Awakening Resources Center 

ARC offers non-denominational talks, programs, and consultation in mindfulness, stress reduction,  self-inquiry, and guided relaxation for groups, professionals, executives and staffs of all sizes.  ARC utilizes instructional discourse, written/physical/verbal exercises, meditation/relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, and group  interaction.  We explore the integration of mindfulness/nonjudgemental awareness with thought, emotion and body.

The Mindful Program (and all that ARC teaches) is non-denominational, non-religious and approachable in a broad sense.  You will be welcomed, included,  inspired and empowered in the course. Once  experienced and learned mindfulness  easily becomes self sustaining and regenerating- allowing for numerous and profound personal and professional benefits to unfold.

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An Invitation:

I’ve been involved with mindfulness for close to twenty-five years now. My story might be similar to yours: I was stressed and unfulfilled (sick I tell people). When I discovered mindfulness I knew that it was the medicine for me. I took the medicine and it worked.  I guarantee  The Mindful Program will be one of the most valuable learning experiences you’ve ever had. The short eight weeks we gather will have a tremendous impact on you for the rest of your life.

 Wishing you Peace and Prosperity,

Jeff Stewart Dixon / Founder, Author, Teacher



Jeff Stewart Dixon is a natural teacher.  I have had the pleasure of partnering with Jeff for a professional workshop and the ease he brings to his teaching allows students the space and comfort to explore their own personal journey.  Thank you Jeff for creating a program that illuminates the important questions we all must ask ourselves.

Jeff’s practical approach to mindfulness has been instrumental in helping me cope with extremely stressful, life changing events.  His insight, humility and compassion combined with his personal experience and sense of humor provide the comfort and guidance that encourages self inquiry and resolve toward mindful self awareness.

Requirements? :

No Requirements.  No hard-core disciplines; No esoteric practices; No extreme workouts required.  Learning ARC mindfulness is as easy as a gym workout.  Easier in fact.  All can partake- regardless of sex, health, weight, religion, academic degree or lifestyle.